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Choose a name for Snow Leopard kittens.

Wild nature support ・ Mar 24, 2021 ler mais Open In New icon

March 22nd in Buryatia, Russia two little kittens of Snow Leopard were caught in camera trap. BASK Company Ltd together with Irbis Fond ( initiated name choose for them. Until March 29th anyone can suggest a name for one male and one female kitten in our Instagram account (@baskcompany). Name election will be based on likes quantity. Video of them is available on Youtube (


Dry Siberian Down & Freeze Control

Última realização ・ Mar 16, 2021 ler mais Open In New icon

It is not a secret, that down does not warm itself – our body produces warm air, which down reliably keeps inside. It is possible because of down unique elastic behavior called Fill Power (FP). However, in the modern world Fill Power cannot guarantee you quality. Popular today bird`s growth acceleration is effective in meat and eggs production, but harms down quality. Proper down selection requires own special laboratory, equipment and experts. Today in BASK Company Ltd. we have developed and patented our own technologies under trademark DSD®/DrySiberianDown®. DSD® mark is used for every down, that passed BASK laboratory control. In order to keep down quality since 2021 BASK Company Ltd. production will contain composite insulators such as: DSD® (original Russian down) DSD® DWR (down with water-repellent saturation) DSD® Pl (down combined with synthetic insulators) DSD® Wl (down combined with wool)