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  • Champagne caps

    Champagne caps

    Decorative caps made out of aluminium foil or poly-laminated material. These caps are highly customizable.

  • Thermo-retractable caps

    Thermo-retractable caps

    Highly versatile caps providing a tamper evident seal and decorative possibilities.

  • Polylaminated caps

    Polylaminated caps

    Highly quality caps widely used on wine and spirits. These caps are highly customizable.

  • Caps for wine and sparkling wine

    Caps for wine and sparkling wine

    Aluminium caps with special liners for wine, combining convenience, conservation and decoration.

  • Caps for spirits and liquors

    Caps for spirits and liquors

    High quality caps providing varying levels of security and customization.

  • Caps for oil and vinegar

    Caps for oil and vinegar

    Aluminium caps with dispensing and anti-drip systems. Available in different sizes and highly customizable.

  • Crown corks with bidule

    Crown corks with bidule

    29 mm crown caps for glass bottles suitable for sparkling wine.

  • Crown corks

    Crown corks

    (1) 26 mm caps for glass and plastic bottles, suitable for beer, wine, mineral water, dairy, sort drinks and other beverages. Available as pry-off or twist-off; (2) 29 mm caps are also available.

  • Wirehoods - Muselets

    Wirehoods - Muselets

    Wirehoods for sparkling wine, champagne, beer, cider and other sparkling beverages, produced from high-end raw materials to ensure the highest quality and flawless performance on bottling lines.

  • Twist-off caps

    Twist-off caps

    Metal twist-off caps for jars. These caps are highly customisable and available with PVC-free liners, liners for pasteurisation, sterilisation and high acidic content.