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Casting Simulation

Before sand casting large size components, casting simulation is carried out based on customer 3D files and Magmasodt software package

Large Size Aluminium Bronze Sand Casting

With induction furnaces capacities of 15To in for aluminium bronze and 5m X 5m sand casting capacities, we meet most large casting requirements

Induction Furnace

8 different furnaces give us the possibility to cast various alumium bronze alloys in the same day ( ASTM C95800 , EN 1982, BS...)

Propeller Blades

Casting propeller blades for CPP and FPP systems can be done in our Nantes facility for the largest ones and in our Rouen plant for the smallest ones

Pattern Making

Patterns are usually made of wood for multiple use but for complexe 1 time only projects we can also rely on 3D sand printing

Machining Capabilities

Large size aluminium bronze sand castings are usually provided pre machined for better quality results. In some cases, fully machined castings are delivered.

Ensemble mécano-soudés

Heat Exchanger Channels

Heat exchanger projects include casting, machining but also pressure testing with 3rd party inspectors

Valve Castings

Casting large size aluminium bronze valve components is a key know how enabling us to deliver valves bodies, discs, wedges and bonnets worldwide

Pump Impellers

We cast and machine all types of impellers for pump manufacturers for various applications including fire protection of offshore plateforms to cooling nucelear power plants

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