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  • Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

    Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

    We offer diaphragm and patented linear-shuttle pumps in AC and DC for low and medium pressure range for use in the medical, biotechnology, nuclear semiconductor, chemical, and computer markets.

  • Liquid Pumps

    Liquid Pumps

    We offer AC piezoelectric and DC liquid pumps e.g. for use in medical & chemical markets,biotechnology and analysis.

  • Nitto Machine Tools

    Nitto Machine Tools

    Portable Magnetic Base Drilling Machines with Automatic and Manual Feed & Hydraulic Punchers.

  • Nitto Power Tools

    Nitto Power Tools

    Pneumatic & Electric Power Tools , labor-saving plus improved work efficiency.

  • Quick Connect Couplings

    Quick Connect Couplings

    Asia´s market leader offers couplings for hydaulics & pneumatics for almoste every application and mediums such as oil, water, gas etc.

  • Medo Air Blowers

    Medo Air Blowers

    Nitto Kohki’s MEDO brand, LA series diaphragm-less air blowers have a unique design that has altogether removed the need for breakable diaphragms --> unsurpassable lifetimes & whisper-silent running.