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  • Plastic fencing nets

    Plastic fencing nets

    These are heavy knotless nets which are applied widely in many fields. The technology used for their production results in the fact that they do not require painting and are resistant to corrosion.

  • Anti-snow nets

    Anti-snow nets

    Anti-snow nets belong to the group of heavy knotless nets with special structure. They are made of mesh of appropriate size and shape. Strength parameters (high g.s.m.) are chosen during production.

  • Protective tubular nets

    Protective tubular nets

    Protective tubular nets from plastic can be used in industry, transport and trade.They are distinguished, among others, by the following: flexibility, aesthetic value, wide spectrum of applications.

  • Nets for acoustic screens

    Nets for acoustic screens

    With systematically increasing road traffic intensity, there is an increasing demand for various types of noise-reducing acoustic screens.Special technical nets are used for construction.

  • Nets against moles

    Nets against moles

    Moles are nuisance for gardeners and owners of green areas. Desperate lawns owners incline the most drastic methods to combat them. The battle against the moles does not have to be difficult.