PRODDIA® IS represents the state of art in Structural Health Monitoring for highly complex structural systems. With PRODDIA IS, complex infrastructure assets (Offshore platforms, processing plants, rail infrastructure, etc) can be equipped with advanced Structural Health Monitoring capabilities enabling remote monitoring of the structural integrity of the asset and supporting Condition Based Maintenance regimes. Advanced diagnostics and prognostics enable inspection costs to be reduced and maintenance resources to be focused where and when they are needed. HIGHLIGHTS Improved analysis features Asset geolocation display New Particle Swarm Optimization Improved data storage and handling Extended Web Services BENEFITS With applicability to any generic structure platform with any combination of structural arrangement and materials. PRODDIA® IS 3.5 will have paramount impact on: Increased Safety - PRODDIA® IS enables more operation hours with increased safety from the continuous ...

Construção aeronáutica e espacial
  • Structural Health Monitoring for highly complex structural systems
  • Wind Industry
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