Stock lot leather finished

leather footwear mixed colores and mixed finished, genuine leather.


Lot consists of several leathers of various finishes colors and textures. We have always big diversity of leathers in stock! Kg : Consist in scraps, size 1-2 hands minimum, usually mostly is higher size. By kg we also deal in half leathers cutted and full leathers, they are from several colors, animal origins, several finish and textures, embossed, printed and smooth. Sq.Ft // Mt2 : Consist in leathers, size between 15-30 sqft (are sides - half animal) medium size 18 sqft, full leathers 30-60 sqft (are hides - full animal) medium size 50 sqft, talking about bigger animals, smaller animals like goat and others, the size of full leathers is between 5-12 sqft. Exist usually lots between 1.000 and 5.000 sqft for you choose from the same article, lots from certain articles.

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