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Medidores de humidade Delmhorst - soluções para controlo da humidade! Medidores de humidade profissionais portáteis para medição de humidade em madeira, materiais de construção, pavimentos, feno, grãos, sementes, algodão, papel, cartão, couro e muito mais. Delmhorst, famosa pelo design, desenvolvimento e fabrico dos medidores de humidade da mais alta qualidade disponíveis no mercado. Compromisso na excelência dos produtos e um serviço de qualidade. Reforce a sua experiência com a nossa competência na medição de humidade.

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Delmhorst JL-2000 Leather Moisture Meter

The JL-2000 is the perfect quality control and monitoring tool for tanneries everywhere. The moisture content of hides is a crucial factor during all stages of leather processing.

Delmhorst Instrument Co.: Understanding Scan Readings

Delmhorst RDM-3 Wood Moisture Meter

The RDM-3 moisture tester is an accurate and reliable tool for the lumber and woodworking industries. It is ideal for anyone who needs to collect and analyze key statistical information about MC.

Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Moisture Meter

The F-2000 checks hay moisture in the windrow and in small or big, standard or high density, square or round hay bales, Can be equiped with the 830-X pen electrodes that are up to 90 cm length.

BD-2100 building materials moisture meter

BD-2100 is a versatile moisture meter for testing the moisture content on wooden building materials, it also can be used on gypsum, concrete, sheetrock and other construction materials.

P-2000 - indispensable tool for moisture check in carton and paper products.

P-2000 is a digital moisturemeter for testing paperboard, corrugated stock, paper tubes and waste paper. A wide range of extra electrodes makes it an ideal tool for the recycling and other industries

ProScan – compact and lightweight non destructive pinless moisture meter

The non-invasive meter uses RF signals to quickly scan wood (specific gravity between .30 and .80), timber, drywall, flooring, veneer , concrete or other building material without damaging the sample.

C-2000 – a valuable tool at the ginning process and when buying/selling cotton.

This meter can be used for seed cotton, lint cotton, baled cotton, cotton yarn, cotton fabrics, wool, viscose and rayon. It is widely beneficial for farmers, growers, ginners, cotton suppliers etc.

TotalCheck 3-in-1 measures MC by Pin and Scan modes,features a thermo-hygrometer

It is used for checking floorings, floors, wood, walls and drywall, for scanning concrete, building materials and concrete slab, and for measuring ambient temperature and RH (Dew Point and GPP).

TechCheckPlus 2-in-1 measures MC by Pin and Scan modes in wood,drywall and other

This meter is designed to scan and locate moisture levels in floorings, ceilings, building and wood materials as well as in drywall. It is especially useful in restoration works and for inspections.


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  • Moisture Meters Delmhorst

  • Proscan, non-invasive moisture meter for building materials and applications

  • Moisture meter G-7 for Grain, Coffee, Hay, Pasta, Rapeseed, Rice and other crops

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  • Higrómetros
  • Medidores de humidade
  • Medidores de humidade de pavimentos e madeira
  • Construção de medidores de humidade
  • Medidores de humidade para papel
  • Medidores de humidade para grãos e sementes
  • Medidores de humidade para algodão
  • Medidores de humidade para inspecção a construções
  • Medição de humidade
  • termo-higrómetros

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